Friday, June 17, 2011

Bruins won the Stanley Cup

Last night I was sitting at Wings and Rings with some friends in Bardstown, KY and was able to witness Vancouver embarrass themselves in game 7 AT Vancouver. To say the least it aggravated me that it was on almost every t.v and that my friends were all trying to rub it in my face.
Honestly I didn't care that much because they are not my team, its just that they have never won a Stanley Cup before and it is always nice to see a team win a championship for once. The part that pissed me off was people commenting my facebook, tweeting to me and texting me trying to rub it in my face. I literally recieved a tweet from a friend saying how America is better than Canada because an American team won the Stanley Cup over a Canadian team. I honestly laughed a little considering all the top players on the Bruins team are... wait a second.... Canadian.
I just love pointing out peoples arrogance and rubbing it in their face. That is just how I am.

Anyways Boston won 4-0 and they deserved to win. Vancouver played horrible throughout the whole series and was too worried about dominating the physical game that they forgot to actually use skill and that they need to win the game in all aspects.

I was looking at the news today and supposedly there were people rioting downtown Vancouver. Cars were set on fire, 150 needed treatment in a hospital and about 100 were arrested in the riot. I think that this is crazy and unnecessary. This leaves the city needing cleaned and people have WORK the next day. I'm sure traffic would be wonderful while that was proceeding. I have even read that Steve Nash, NBA basketball player for the Phoenix Suns, sent a tweet out saying "''We're a great city and have a lot of class. Our team is great and our championship will come. Soon,"

Let me know what you think about all this and suggestion on topics.
Below is a video of the riots in Vancouver    <------ Riots in Vancouver

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Upsetting Game in Boston

Today Vancouver did what they have done all series... not show up in Boston and get embarrassed...
I can't completely complain because today's game was probably the best they have done away this series. Luongo allowed 4 goals within 7 minutes which quickly put the Canucks in the slumps. The problem with Vancouver seems to be their defense not protecting the goalie properly and the offense not finishing their chances. Multiple breakaways and goal scoring opportunities have been missed this series and if Vancouver wants to come out and in game 7 they will need a little luck and a whole lot of concentration. I really liked when Schneider came into the goal because he seemed like he had more of a sense of direction around the goal and made sure he kept his near post covered at all times. Schneider allowed one goal throughout his time in goal and it was a beautiful tip by Micheal Ryder, Shot by Tomas Kaberle (Former Maple Leaf.... Damn him). In the opening minute of the game Mason Raymond was hurt after being awkwardly tangled up with Boston defenseman Johnny Boychuk. To me it was hitting him after the play and holding. I have not heard anything about his injury but if the Canucks are without Rome and Raymond in the final game, it will add to the amount of luck and drive they will need.

The Last game will be Wednesday June 16th at the Roger's Arena in Vancouver, BC. This game will test the Canucks and they will need to come out wanting to win to stop this Bruins team.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

NBA Championship

Today the NBA championship was concluded. Dirk Nowitzki lead the Mavs to a 4-2 series and had 21 PTS, 11 REB in Game 6. Honestly I am not one to care much about basketball unless it is college and has to do with UK, and yes I know Kemba Walker single handedly concluded our season last year. I wanted the Mavs to win today because I don't like Lebron and feel like this series showed that he is overrated. I just don't believe he made a good decision in going to the Heat. As an athlete myself I do understand the concept of trying to overpower a team so that they win, but I would much rather be a superstar and have a city that believes in me and will have my back. But when he decided to leave he set up a press meeting to just announce he was leaving. I didn't believe that was necessary and honestly was a waste of many peoples time. And then on the other hand Chris Bosh is not even worth discussing because he did not do anything all year. I don't only dislike him because he left Toronto, I was born 30 minutes north of Toronto, but also because he is COMPLETELY overrated. One of the worst "stars" I have seen. The Heat have two stars and if those players don't dominate, the team is screwed.
Now that the NBA Championship is done, I can concintrate on the NHL Finals. Being Canadian I am definetly going for Vancouver, but they haven't been playing that well so I am a little nervous. I will talk about this more later.

Let's start this out

Hey guys,I'm Chris and I decided today that i'm going to start a blog. I will post about things like movies, games, things that are happening in my life. Suggestions are taken.